U-Turn: New rescue

"PROTECT" now available

Rapid Inflation System (RIS) guarantees sovereign and fast opening

U-Turn GmbH has made the improvement of safety while paragliding to its main request. Innovations such as the AFS-system (Automatic Flight Stabilisation) or the BFS (B-flight system) as a new type of descent help set benchmarks. From now on we offer with the PROTECT a newly developed rescue that also sets scales with a fast opening behaviour and a new packing system.

The PROTECT is available in the sizes 38 square metres (up to 100 kilogrammes) and 42 (up to 120 kilogrammes). The completely new developed rescue is a round parachute. The parachute canopy of the PROTECT 38 consists of 18 widths, the canopy of the PROTECT 42 of 20 widths. The materials are made of air pervious, draft stopping nylon fabric. On the main seams there run tapes that strengthen the stability of the canopy. Base and apex are also strengthened with tapes. The parting is retracted and fixed with an elastic cord. The catching strap has got a stability sewed up of about 2300 kg. The inside container consists of a draft stopping nylon fabric. The middle line has got a stability of about 400 kg. It is strongly splitted at the parting lines and at the catching strap.

The most important feature of a rescue is the opening time needed. To realize extremely short periods of time at that point, the Rapid Inflation System (RIS) is brought into action by the PROTECT: The chute uses special lines causing that the canopy does not lie flatly at the “base”. An exactly calculated pretension causes air circulation, that influences the fill behaviour in the first milliseconds positively.
The innovative rescue PROTECT (left photo: Genaral view of the opened inside container) opens even at low speed fast and sovereign, because special stripes (right foto: stripes in detail) guarantee optimised air circulation. Therefore the PROTECT opens as fast as a small canopy, but provides minimum sink rates as a big canopy.

Regardless of the very fast opening, the entire construction with the large canopy and the RIS in cooperation with the new type of packing system provides simultaneously for a muffled opening behaviour. This spares man and material, because pilot, and also harness and connection elements are exposed to definitely less maximum stress. The rescue chute is also less stressed, which is why a repeated application is allowed.

The large area of the rescue chute results at variance with the application of the highly tough fabric in little sink rates that ranges in the area of 4.2 metres/second. Although there is that much excellent reference numbers, one succeeded in presenting a lightweight. The PROTECT 38 weighs 2.1 kilogrammes and has little packing measures. This handiness was reached by a newly developed packing system that is, besides, designed very clear and that consequently contributes to safety. A special inside container provides a sovereign opening, also at slower speeds.

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